Hi, Eric, nice to meet you.  Welcome, come on in, kick off those Hokas.  You have stumbled upon LeadFeet.com where together we will share the wonders of long distance running, Squirrel’s Nut Butter and the occasional endorphin-induced epiphany.

My journey as an untalented, midpack distance runner started on June 17, 2000 in Two Harbors, MN, at the start of Grandma’s Marathon.  4 hours and 14 minutes later, I crossed the finish line in Duluth.  Tears of joy!  Informed by my kids that three 70-year olds had crossed before me, I cried again.  Not as much joy.

Running Epiphany #1: This is something you can do for a long, long time.

50,000 miles and +90 marathons/ultras later, including 11 Boston finishes and 8 Leadville 100 buckles, what started as a bucket-list promise has turned into a realization that I WAS MADE TO DO THIS.

Now, just because you are born to run doesn’t mean you will be all that good at it.

Case in point.  My ancestors do not hail from the Rift Valley of Kenya.  No, they were a seafaring people who learned how to swim when tossed over the gunnel by the fierce and coldly dispassionate North Sea.

These were my heroic ancestors.  Vikings.  Tossed overboard.  Dogpaddling the dangerous, exotic fringes of the Old World.

I like to think they were just looking for a decent trail.

And aren’t we all, my friends, aren’t we all.

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