A lovingly curated anthology of running videos featuring blood, sweat and llamas.

2020 Katy Trail 245 Mile Fastest Known Time. What do you do when COVID cancels all your races? Make up your own and raise $42,000 for frontline hospitality workers in the process.

2019 Leadville 100 Buckle #8. Great narrative from Pacer Chris Russell.

8th Annual Grandma’s Marathon DOUBLE in 2019. Nice to have some company.

2018 Leadville 100 Buckle #7, it wasn’t pretty.

7th Annual Grandma’s Marathon DOUBLE in 2018. Great company with Zach and Andy.

2018 Boston Marathon. If there ever was an appropriate time to use the word “EPIC” to describe a race, this was it. Great narrative from my buddy, Chris Russell. The story will only get better with time.

2017 Wildwood Trail Marathon. Great course in our backyard.

2017 Leadville 100 Buckle #6. That’s Susan. She’s a liar.

2017 Western States 100. The big dance. And I earned my first and only DNF so far. Rough day in the snow and the mud and the 106 degrees in the canyons. And I can’t wait to have another go at it.

6th Annual Grandma’s Marathon DOUBLE. Maybe shouldn’t have done this the week before Western States.

2017 KT82 SOLO: The Missouri Waltz. Recovering from injury and it was a rough one.

2016 Leadville 100 Buckle #5 with ever-faithful pacers, Dan & Susan, and a few miles with trail newbie and soon to be LT100 rookie, Zach Strand.

5th Annual Grandma’s Marathon DOUBLE. All by myself through a lonely first 26.2, and then the party starts.

2014 LT100 pre-race medical briefing from Dr. John Hill. This is a hoot! Great information on how to keep from dying in a 100 mile race at altitude.

2014 LT100 pre-race talk from Leadville legends, Ken Chlouber and Merilee Maupin.

Fun 4th of July training run up Hope Pass with Pacer Dan.

2nd Annual Grandma’s Marathon DOUBLE.

2013 Boston Marathon. I crossed the finish line just a few minutes before the first blast. This day and the heroism of so many will never be forgotten.  #BostonStrong

2012 Chicago Marathon, this race is always a party.

2012 Leadville 100 and Buckle #1.

The inaugural Grandma’s Marathon DOUBLE! What started as a training run for Leadville has turned into a tradition. A very lonely tradition.

Boston 2012 – One of the hottest, most humid on record. It was pretty miserable and slow.

Climb up one of Colorado’s 14ers on a gorgeous day with my wife and a bunch of mountain goats.  Enjoy!

2010 Pikes Peak Marathon. My first trail marathon and ooh boy, I should have picked one with more oxygen.