So many reasons to run the Napa Valley Marathon.

My Minnesota running hero, Dick Beardsley, has stomped some grapes here. He set the course record of 2 hrs 16 minutes which still stands to this day.

It’s a great place to recover as you are surrounded by outstanding culinary fare and the best cabernet in the world.

And, on a good day, the trip south from Calistoga to Napa can be a fast one.

Last we spoke, I was giving 1-in-10 odds of pulling off a Boston qualifier.  I had served my time at the track and put in the long runs.  But I had not put in the high mileage that I have in the past.  In the back of my mind, I was just waiting for my hip to break every time I started to push hard.

Conditions would have to be perfect and I would have to bring my A game.

They were and I did.

Nice to be headed back to Hopkinton in April 2019 for a 12th go at toeing that historic Boston Marathon start line.

Happy trails,


p.s. Spent some time with one of my ultra hero and friend, Dean Karnazes and his wife, Julie.  Awesome people.

p.s.s. Outstanding week of recovery in Napa and Sonoma with Tami, Dan & Linda.  We’ll definitely be back in the future to run Napa again.  And fill our cellars.