GOAT.  Greatest Of All Time.  That’s what they say about Ann Trason.

Not too sure about that.  I’m a bit skeptical of flat platitudes since I haven’t been around to experience All Time.

But, maybe GOOT.  The analytic in me could make a good argument for Greatest Of Our Time.

Ann joined us for the 2018 Howard Aslinger 24-Hour Endurance Run in Cape Girardeau MO in March 2018.  Whuh? Why?!  We’re still asking that question.  Something about wanting to do an ultra in every state.

I don’t have much perspective when in comes to elite athletes, but I do know that Ann and I were both born in 1960.

So there’s that.

But then there’s this.

Ann has won the Western States 100 fourteen times.  I DNF’d once.

Ann holds the Leadville 100 record in just over 18 hours.  I ran my best Leadville 100 in just over 28 hours.

Ann won the 56-mile Comrades Marathon.  I am googling Comrades Marathon.

Here’s what I do know to be true about Ann.  She has a deep love for animals, unicorns and our planet.  She is a wary semi-introvert.  She is a complete goofball.  She worries about killing off visitors when the shelf fails in her guest room under the weight of all those WS100 cougar trophies.

And she is every bit as much of a badass today as she was when she ran that 18:06 in Leadville.

It was an honor.