You’d think seven years of having people yelling “you’re going the wrong way” would get old.

Nope. Never.

Great Leadville 100 training run up the North Shore with first-time doubler, Andy Lohn, and second-time doubler, Zach Strand. Andy, by the way, turned this training run into a Badwater 135 finish. That’s pretty much the power of the Grandma’s Marathon DOUBLE.

We’ll be back for 2019, come join us.


Eric, Zach & Dave as the fog rolled in at the finish.
With the Great Andy Lohn, Badwater Badass.
Halfway home.
With Steve, absolutely no relation to T-Rex.
Grandma’s and Leadville compatriots, Dan & Rachel.
Michael “Otis” Faris, greatest bass in the history of bassdom. Sang the national anthem. Made me weepy to see my good friend.

Let me sing one song, just one more time, with that old gang of mine.
John Weeks, this man has a story.
Close to sunrise and we’re going the wrong way.
Pilgrimage to Cloquet MN and the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed gas station in the world. Pretty much a must see.