You are better than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can.

– Cole Chlouber, son of co-founder Ken Clouber, #LT100 finisher and motivating stand-in for Dad at the pre-race pump-up

We’re up and over $14,000 to help cancer patients through the Life & Hope Fund and, if you didn’t already know it, you are AWESOME!  We close out this effort in the near future . . . here’s your chance if you’ve been procrastinating to see if I could actually make it.  I DID!  You can say “I DID”, too . . . CLICK HERE to find out how!

And on with the blog . . .

So many thoughts and emotions running through my brain (hiking the uphills).  I decided to start with the video first and will get the blog out later.

Watch, enjoy and know how much your warm wishes and tremendous support have meant to me over the past several months.  My crew and pace team was truly incredible . . . Tami Strand, Collin Strand, Susan Vickerman, Kerri Simifranca, Todd Rowe, Dan Turpin and Linda Turpin each gave me exactly what I need exactly when I needed it.  This was a group of rookies who came together like veterans at the very top of their game.

Until such time that someone creates words that more adequately express the overwhelming gratitude I feel inside, “THANK YOU” will have to suffice.

Happy trails!


p.s.  I’ll have a final Life & Hope update and shout-outs to those who have contributed over the past week on the next blog update . . . the good folks are getting us a tally from our most recent mailer.  I think we are closing in on $15,000!  Wanna help?  This may be the last chance >> CLICK HERE!