Post Leadville 100:  Crewing Lessons Learned

  • Sleeping in a vehicle (even a large one) for two nights is not meant for anyone over the age of 25!  When Eric decides to do this again (and we all know he will), Tami and I want an RV!!
  • The fluorescent green light strings were a great beacon in the dark .  .  . .  except at May Queen.  Looks like we need a couple more strings and perhaps the ability to make them flash on and off.
  • Crew members cannot exist long-term on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, junk food, dry bagels and cheese crackers. (Tami and I didn’t really think that one through!) I actually got to the point where Eric’s day-old McDonald’s cheeseburgers were looking pretty darn good. Thank you again to Susan, Kerri and Todd for bringing the pizza party in a trunk!  Real food was truly appreciated.
  • The road to Winfield – next time I’m bringing an inflatable doughnut to sit on!  Honestly, did they go out there and dig additional holes and ruts??  I’m pretty sure what we drove over couldn’t possibly have occurred naturally.

Finally, I know Eric told us not to say anything nice about him but, I have to thank him for an experience I will never forget.  Not many people get to participate in a journey like this and I am definitely looking forward to the next one.  Dan and I are truly blessed to have best friends like Eric and Tami.  Our lives are much richer because of them.

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