There are three major things that stand out in my mind from the Leadville 100 weekend.

1. The pre-race talk by Cole (CLICK HERE for the Cole Clouber talk, this is a MUST WATCH). When I listened to him and watched your reaction I knew you wouldn’t quit unless you passed out and had to be removed from the course.

2. I’ve never been more nervous about a run before. I was so worried that I would somehow stumble and fall, or come up lame, or in some other way be unable to see you through to the next aid station and I could not have lived with having failed you after all the work you had put in to get to where you were. I was so relieved when we got to The Fish Hatchery and we found Susan.

3. I was moved to tears when you crossed the finish line. So much work on your part. So much pride to be a small part of it. I will never forget that feeling. Thank you for including me on the journey.


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