Take a look at the video of the journey and we’ll talk in a few minutes…


Finished in 28 hrs 1 min and 27 secs and shaved over an hour off of last year’s time.  But, quite frankly, none of that matters all that much.  While I will not deny the ego-stroking appeal of a badass finisher’s buckle, it is simply a physical reminder of the experience.

I do not remember the pain and discomfort. 

I do remember every moment on the trail with an instant new friend. 

I do remember the kindness of the volunteers. 

I do remember Dan pointing out every rock, root and tree stump on the Colorado Trail in the dead of night when my sight was failing.

I do remember Susan reassuring me that my touchy stomach would eventually settle down and how great it felt to run with her on Half Moon Road when it finally did. 

I do remember crossing the finish line with friends and family. 

I do remember cresting Hope Pass for the second time with the mountains lit up in spectacular fashion back toward Winfield.

And I do remember llamas, llamas, llamas.

I could give you more details than you would ever want to know, but I don’t want to be responsible for you wanting to run this race, registering and being eaten by a mountain lion.  That would make me sad.

I’ll be back next year hoping to finish before sunrise.