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And on with the blog . . .

Successfully completed the 52.4 mile Grandma’s Marathon Double on June 16, 2012 in under 9 hours!  I could write about how special this race and this town are to me, but I’ve done some of that already (CLICK HERE for 52.4 Miles with Grandma) . . . so let’s just go to video:

See, isn’t running 50+ miles fun?  I am always so inspired by other runner’s stories; marathoners are just a really great, positive, motivating group to be around!  We made a whirlwind tour of Minnesota over three days and shared some time with very special people.  Thanks to Mom, George & Pat, the Coy’s and Don, Vicki, Anna and Mathias Rostollan for the awesome love and hospitality!


It must have been a slow news day in Duluth!  For an article written by the sports editor of the Duluth News-Tribune – CLICK HERE or HERE This will be the first and last time that I 1) make the sports section, 2) make the front page of the sports section, and 3) beat out Tiger Woods at the top of the fold.  Thank you, Duluth News Tribune Sports Editor, Rick Lubbers!

And, West Newsmagazine was kind enough to write a very nice article on our efforts – CLICK HERE to read.  Many thanks to the speedy Sean Thomas for the story!

And there’s more!  Charlie Brennan interviewed me on KMOX on Thursday of this past week.  I’m sure I sounded like a complete geeky running dork, but Charlie is one of my St. Louis heroes and it was truly an honor to share a few minutes on the air with one of the Lou’s most talented and influential advocates (plus, Charlie is a pretty accomplished runner and has some, uh, street cred as far as I am concerned – CLICK HERE for his awesome 2010 GO! St. Louis Marathon results).
Life & Hope Fund Update: We are up to $6722 committed, THAT IS AWESOME!  Great support the last couple of weeks,  MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING SPECIAL ROCKSTARS for their help:  Fred & Judy Leicht, Sally Frank, Beth & Larry Hasselfeld, Fay Weber, Rhonda & the Murphy’s, Mike & Robin Adkins and Sean & Vicki Brennan.  You done good.  Interested in how you can help cancer patients through the Life & Hope Fund?  Click here!

Training Update:  Took a couple days off following the race but not feeling too bad.  Time to start building the mountain climbing muscles . . . headed to the hills.  Big week coming up and then a 50-miler at altitude on July 7 on the Leadville 100 trail.  No, they won’t let me pack oxygen, but thanks for the suggestion.

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