A running collection of video and photos containing people that are too sweaty and shorts that are too short.

Buckle #5, ever-faithful pacers, Dan & Susan, plus my boy, Zach, for a few miles in the middle of the night.

All by myself.

I came in last place.  I came in first place.

This is a fun race . . . but try to avoid the jello shots.

Be sure to get a sweaty hug from Andrea along Addison…even if she is a Cubs fan.

LT100 buckle #4, this one was a painful finish.  But they all are.

Love me some Grandma’s . . . fun double with my Leadville buddy, Ben.

Maybe the greatest racing experience of my life . . . terrible weather, awesome memories.

B roll. Fun stuff.

What could be more fun than running around a 1-mile loop for 24 hours?

First place finish at the inaugural Rockwoods 50K, tough course with lots of up and down.  And leaves.  And rocks.

LT100 buckle #3…learned more about myself at this race than any other.  Don’t watch if squeamish about blood.

The moment Rob Krar took and held first place for the LT100 win.

Fun 4th of July training run up Hope Pass with Pacer Dan.

Grandma’s Double #3

Love this course . . . good time with Chris and Pacer Dan.

Yes, DO EPIC S***




First foray into trail running, mountain running and video while running…and I liked it.

First ever Grandma’s Marathon Double . . . I was hooked, as you will be.

2nd Annual Grandma’s Double and no takers.

LT100 buckle #1 . . . thought I’d be one and done.  But something like this changes you.

And another Chicago vid…

I crossed the finish line just a few minutes before the first blast.  Like so many others, this day and the heroism of so many will never be forgotten.  #BostonStrong

Climb up one of Colorado’s 14ers on a gorgeous day with my wife and a bunch of mountain goats.  Enjoy!